Which results to expect after Propecia use?

Which results to expect after Propecia use?

Modern men take care of their appearance and feel uncomfortable in case they start lose hair, especially at young age. if you feel psychological discomfort, do not agree to put up with this situation and start fighting for your lush hair. Today’s medicine can offer you an excellent drug that will help solve the problem of baldness. It is called Propecia, which is not only the most popular but also the first one to help men get rid of unpleasant problem of hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss and want to know how Propecia works, you will be impressed by the results it can provide you with. Find out more about Propecia for alopecia treatment and don’t ignore your health problems as the faster you start to fight against baldness, the better results you will be able to get.

How does Propecia work?

Finasteride or Propecia has been successfully used to treat hair loss for over 15 years. Finasteride is usually well tolerated, even when administered for a long time. Not applicable for the treatment of hair loss in women of reproductive age, and disabled children. It helps to suppress the process responsible for the degeneration of hair follicles and hair loss by decreasing the levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Finasteride is recommended for young adults between 20-40 years with a permanent hair loss, but without taking into account its use in elderly patients. Many patients taking finasteride for years don’t experience any side effects. Although there is the only one possible side effects in connection with its anti-androgenic effect. However, the percentage of men who have experienced a decrease in libido or erectile dysfunction after taking finasteride is only 1-2%. After you stop using the drug with finasteride you will get rid of this side effect even if you have faced it, though these are minor side effects, which can be met quiet rarely.

What did the Propecia clinical studies show?

Clinical studies confirm the high efficiency of the drug Propecia. According to their results, a little less than 90% of participants noticed that their hair stopped falling out. A year later of the medication use a half of the patients resumed growth of hair. And after 18 months, the percentage of men whose hair acquired a “second life”, increased to 66%. It is possible to emphasize that Finasteride gives amazing results, restores hair follicles on the crown, but also eliminates the receding hairline at the forehead, perfectly mastering the so-called alopecia of the male type.

Before the advent of Propecia there was an opinion that these head areas are the least treatable, because that is where the hair follicles are located and they are sensitive to the effects of the male sex hormone. This drug with proven efficacy returns hair to the representatives of the stronger sex.

How effective is Propecia?

Propecia has already received permission to be used in many countries. It is noteworthy that the regular intake of finasteride leads to a renewal of the hair bulbs, which produced vellus hair and stimulates the growth of high-grade real hair. It is natural that the final results may be different depending on the individual characteristics of the human body. Until now it was thought that androgenetic alopecia can be treated with absolute efficiency only in women. The effectiveness of drug therapy for men has stages of the disease on Norwood scale from I to VII. Men are recommended to start treatment of baldness as early as possible in order to achieve greater effect.

Studies have shown that even in the worst cases the use of Propecia online allows if not regain the hair in its entirety, then at least completely prevent further hair loss, and keep the remaining amount of hair. If you show patience and persistence, repeat courses of treatment then after a year or a little more, you will be able to forget about alopecia problems and enjoy much more lush and thick hair.

When to expect results after Propecia use?

How long and what results to expect from taking finasteride? This is the common question of all men who have just started to take Propecia. You are recommended to take Propecia once a day regardless of drinking alcohol or having meals, which is definitely one of the drug’s benefits.

According to manufacturers since the very first day of Propecia admission there is a significant decrease in the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In 3 months you may notice the hair loss deceleration. Hair stops falling out. After half a year, there can be seen even more significant reduction in the loss of hair and even new hair growth.

After 12 months, the majority of men using Propecia drug have noticed a steady improvement in the preservation and healthy appearance of hair available, plus there is the growth of new hair in place where hair was previously lost. It also should be noted that if after 12 months of using the preparation you did not see any kind of results, it is unlikely to help you at all.

According to statistics of experts, men who have used Propecia for five years got the following results:

  • After 2 years of receipt of Propecia: 99% of men reported complete cessation of hair loss among these patients, 66% of men felt the new hair growth at the site of those hairs lost.
  • After 5 years of Propecia use: 90% of men noted very positive results in the condition of their hair: it is either a full stop of hair loss or the growth of new on the site of bald areas.
  • Two of the three men mentioned the growth of new hair on their heads;
  • In most patients, a significant improvement in hair condition was detected, which was confirmed by doctors.
  • The majority of patients have confirmed that their bald / receding hairline has become much smaller in diameter or disappeared completely.

Propecia is the right decision in case of having hair loss problems. The drug produces the prevention and treatment of all forms of the disease. The efficacy and safety has been confirmed in a clinical setting. It has also been proven that Propecia has no obvious side effects.